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wardrobe edit

Declutter and organize your clothes. Own less, wear more.


During a wardrobe edit session we will talk about seasons, colour, sizing etc. then work together to categorize items so that you can SEE what you have. I can take any unwanted items to the charity of your choice, and then we work together on organized and efficient storage. I can provide space saving hangers to streamline the process if you’d like.


THE RESULT: a beautifully organized wardrobe system that can be maintained easily in the long term.


I can also edit your cosmetics/skincare and jewelry collections. Make-up and skincare have best before dates that mean something. Do you have 14 different face creams?

What about the pile of tangled necklaces in your jewelry box that you haven’t touched in months? Or those quirky earrings you bought for that one costume party and haven’t worn since? We’ll go through each item and think about what it is that makes you want to keep it.

Woman holding a box of clothes for donation
Jewelry Box 3
Cosmetic Products
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