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Change and transitions in life are inevitable for us all. New baby/a growing family, divorce, relationship break ups, bereavement, downsizing, moving house, ill health and incapacity – the list is endless. The circle of life can certainly bring some challenging transitions which, more often than not, bring major reorganization with regards to your living arrangements. Whatever your situation I can help ease the process.

Children's Room

New baby or a growing family

Is your home already bursting at the seams with people and stuff? For many people it seems like a bigger house is the only option, but there may be another way. Perhaps it’s possible to rearrange use of rooms/space to create an additional nursery or bedroom.

Bright Room


Overwhelmed? Not sure where to begin?

I know how challenging it can be to sort through a life's worth of possessions and simplify your home.


Clean Slate Decluttering & Organizing can work with you to start downsizing and find new homes for items you no longer want, use or need. Start small. Start today!

Night Lamp

Home organizing after bereavement

An already deeply upsetting time also brings the need to organize. I totally understand that emotions may be at the forefront of these sessions. You  are assured of empathy and compassion while helping with this daunting task. As always, strict confidentiality is assured.

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