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The Process

Organizing is always easier with the support of a “helper”. Partnering with a Professional Organizer will motivate you to overcome procrastination and keep you focused. 


Step 1: Initial Contact

We start with a short talk, either on the phone or via e-mail, discussing your needs and the scope of the work.  We then schedule a 30-min in-home assessment. Both the phone call and in-home assessment are free.

Step 2:Free In-home assessment

I will meet with you in your home where you can show me what's working and what's not. I'll ask you some questions to help clarify your organizing challenges, determine your needs and talk about expectations. Once the assessment is complete and you decide to move forward, we'll book your first session.

Step 3:Sorting

With an action plan in hand, we can now get to work. This is where we sort through the area of concern. We will sort your belongings into broad categories, putting similar items together.  Then we will separate items into categories such as keep, toss, donate, and recycle. We will then find the best place for the items you decide to keep.

Step 4:Making it functional

Here we use containers, boxes, hangers, bins, hooks, labels, jars, etc. to put your items back in an organized fashion. We will find the most effective and efficient place for your belongings and make sure the new organizational system works for you. We can use baskets, containers, etc. that you already have or purchase new items. You decide. If you choose to purchase new items, I can do this shopping with or for you.

Step 5:Follow Up

Change isn't always easy. It's been said that every new habit takes 21 days to form. My follow up maintenance sessions are a great way to tweak your newly organized space (s) in order to keep you on track.

Your next appointment is booked as needed.

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