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moving or staying put...I can help you

Organizing and decluttering are the first items a homeowner needs to tick off their list when putting their property on the market, followed by handyman work, a thorough clean and Home Staging.


There are several ways of improving a home to sell it faster – and better. Some can prove to be extreme and expensive, but others are quite straight-forward, practical and, most importantly, budget-friendly. Decluttering and Home Staging are a powerful combo for those wishing to achieve a quick sale and the highest offer value possible – which is the main goal.


These effective techniques not only clear a property of excess items and personal belongings, they also prepare the homeowners for their move, getting the property ready for potential buyers who come for viewings in the hope of putting an offer down on their new lifestyle.


Organized, clutter-free homes with the right pieces of furniture and accessories are ahead of the competition in the property market game.


Whether you're just looking to organize the junk drawer that's gotten out of hand or you need your whole home organized, I can help!


If you’re planning to list your home, or it’s been sitting on the market while you wait for the right offer, our home staging services can work wonders in attracting the right homebuyers and help increase the value of your home.

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Organizing & Home Staging:
The perfect combo


Sue M, Halifax

“Thank you so much for your help. You were a godsend to me."

Ann M, Halifax

"So far Stephanie has helped me clear out 3 closets and I couldn't be happier."

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